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History Of Gold

Gold has a place in history regardless of the country of origin. Maybe something to do with the fact that gold is seen as a common currency in every country in the world. Gold look indefinitely. History tells us that the gold coins have been printed since about 670 BC when King Gyges Turkey scored some gold coins for personal currency when traveling. The Roman legions of Julius Caesar apprehensive when first issued gold coins as payment for their services. However, the tune quickly changed when legions realize that gold coins actually increased in value.Today, the stock of gold coin has a face value pretty much just symbolic. The true value of a stock is a heavy gold content and gold by the fluctuating price of gold on the world market. A one-ounce gold coin is valued at the market value of an ounce of gold minus about 5% for printing and shipping. Of course, the coins come in a variety of weights broth general: 1/20 of ounce, 1/10 of ounce, quarter ounce, half ounce and one ounce coins eventually. broth Gold is legal tender and gold coins are guaranteed authentic by the country of origin. Almost anyone can buy and sell gold coins due to a variety of market acceptance.
In 1489, King Henry VII gold coin first introduced to the world market. In England during World War I, Britain issue paper money for gold stock is needed to finance the war. Soon, the bills completely replaced the use of gold sovereign. Sultan gold gold mint production stopped in 1917 and started again in 1925. Then production stopped during World War I and started again in 1957.

There is a well-known finding lots of gold in the various regions of the world. Gold is due to locate a huge gold rush. Gold rush caused a large number of people to migrate to these areas. Such places as the Klondike Gold Rush Alaska, which occurred in the Four-Mile River in 1886. In August 1869, gold was later discovered in Bonanza Creek - part of the Klondike River, Yukon Territory. Within a year-starting in the winter of 1896 and ended in 1897, miners spent millions of dollars in gold bouillon. In 1915 more than $ 50 million USD exported from Alaska to the United States. Gold Fever 1898 is a modern event. With the addition of media, gold fever has wide-ranging world of media. This media coverage sent people rushed to the location of the gold.The history of gold is a remarkable display of human endurance. It is estimated that only 120-140000 tons of gold available on the ground. Surprisingly, there are only 1800000000000 $ USD total gold in the ground. Compare that to the total U.S. debt is almost $ 7 trillion USD. Besides that, only $ 375 billion USD is held in reserve in banks around the world; $ 1.3 trillion USD in gold owned by private parties.Article Source:

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